The excellent Ms Jessica Levine is a force to be reckoned with. What she wants she gets. In addition to her artistic talent she has great management skills, and has demonstrated creative use of funding, resourcing, and the highly curious paths she needs to support her vision(s). In addition, she’s a terrific cook with a great sense of humor, all of which has aided immeasurably to the several projects we have so successfully worked on together. Try, don’t deny, Levine.

-Pat Oleszko, performance artist

Jess Levine is one of the most interactive individuals I’ve ever met. It is fortunate
that she’s leading efforts to raise ecosystem awareness and put in place
ecosystem solutions across a range of playgrounds that have, in fact, included
playgrounds. She is a bold player in the field of art that addresses anthropogenic
climate change – that is, humanly influenced — and in good company among the
artists in the “Catastrophe” exhibit.

-Victoria Kelly

What I love about Jess’ work is how surprising it is. She uses organic textures and familiar imagery, but it all comes together so provocatively;you think you’re looking at art, but you come away realizing you’re thinking about your own personal journeys in the world.

– Phil Lonergan, Head of Sculpture, Plymouth State University

Wow. I love your work! LOVE it! Please I’d love all these for the next exhibit! I really love the uninhibited sense of freedom and creativity in these. And they’re bizarre.

Attached is the consignment form.

Thank you!

Zack Hartsog
Gallery Manager

Jessica Levine has been the delightful catalyst behind several wonderful public art initiatives in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Our community has been enriched greatly through her designs and art installations but probably most
through her engagement particularly with youth in organizing and carrying out these public art projects. Young people working with Jessica have learned team building skills, self reliance and environmental awareness while working on these projects. I appreciate her efforts a lot.

John Manchester
Mayor, City of Lewisburg, WV

Jessica Levine’s commitment to community arts is unwavering and her ability to motivate community involvement is unrivaled. Her unique approach engages both adults and children to consider ways each of us can make our communities a better place to live, making her a true asset to any community arts project.

Renee Margocee
Director, West Virginia Commission on the Arts.

Jessica is a talented facilitator who creates an inclusive atmosphere, a safe place for experimentation where she helps everyone lose their inner critic and find the courage to create.

Carla Beaudet
Engineer, NRAO and participant in community art

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had!!”

Erin, 6 year old, jumping with delight, as she helped rake the first filling of rock media into the Turtle/ pond play area, Dorie Miller Park, Lewisburg, WV.

“Best workshop ever!”

Nancy Sokolove
Asheville Art Museum Adult Education Director,
at mosaic workshop final group meeting

Over time, it has been my rich pleasure to watch Jessica Levine grow and change as an artist, expanding as she explores materials, methods and media. Jessica’s art has evolved beyond simple therapy and lives in the world of true creativity. Working with her has been highly rewarding.

Stephen Hutchins
Independent curator, Decorative Folding Screen Invitational Exhibition,
Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV

“Having known Jessica as part of my community for many years, it was a special opportunity to get to work with her on a collaborative project with a community in Haiti. Jessica brought an open, flexible, and creative spirit to our work, and was willing to try new approaches while also sharing her experience with the group. She not only challenged herself during our travels together, but was able to create meaningful relationships with community leaders in Haiti that span language, cultural, and geographical barriers (not a trivial feat at all!) and has been very dedicated to ensuring
that those relationships continue to prosper”.

Meike Schleiff
GROW Director, coordinator of Haiti env. residency project