note: long white cloud

New Zealand has stunning landscape- this image is not representative of the drop dead gorgeousness here. I share this image to illustrate how perfect the Maori place name- land of the long white cloud- Aotearoa. It is so the land of the long white cloud; I pledge to do better capturing the long white cloud look. There is so much natural beauty, and, yet, I find, the more I learn about the parts of the whole (ecosystem) – the interconnected creatures and botany of the place, the more staggeringly beautiful the natural world here becomes.
Also, on a more personal note- New Zealand bedding technology is very advanced! Every morning I wake up feeling like I am floating in a long white cloud, especially at our right now cottage, in residency at Te Ao O Nga Pukeko, ‘I am of the people of the mountains’.
Ciao for now- we’re due at dinner with a Maori environmental activist named Ra.
Tomorrow, I look forward to introducing you to Frank, the resident elder (native) longfin eel, who lives under the bridge in the stream behind the house and will eat from your hand.